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First customer service tool to understand an email channel, working inside of email.  Delight your audience by offering support, upsales, crosssales, finding opportunities and so much more.  Sign up for an absolutely free 14 day trial to see it in action.

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Listen & Engage

No more noreply@, missed opportunities, problems snowballing.  Don’t miss a single touch-point to listen and engage.  Reward and be rewarded.  Try the next generation of customer success FREE.

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Fix Problems, Offer Solutions

Deliverability problems?  Minimize complaints, lower unsubscribes, listen and talk to your customer. Returns? Exchanges? Missed upsale and crosssale opportunities?  Now you can!  Absolutely FREE 14 day trial to see it all.  Makes for a happy customer!

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Live Chat

Communicate with your customers in real time.  Because recency counts.

Reply Handling

Don’t ever miss a reply.  Categorize, manage and automate processing.  You’ll be amazed what you will discover.

Human Touch

Customer Success is not only about automation.  Customer service trained by you, working for you and email marketing skilled.  Make Customer Success part of your team.

Plans and Pricing

Customer Success is for everyone – businesses big and small, agencies, ESPs, even sales teams.  Agencies & ESPs servicing their clients utilize the whitelabeled SaaS to help them email and sell … more and better; and companies lacking resources can make Customer Success part of their process.


for businesses big & small
  • Reply Management
  • Chat
  • Custom Template Signature
  •  Dedicated Account Manager
  •  WhiteLabel
  •  * Full Service Processing, Management and Custom Solutions (client product upsales, crosssales, deliverability, reviews…)
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Problem Solver

Managed Service *
  • Reply Management
  • Chat
  • Custom Template Signature
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • WhiteLabel
  • * Full Service Processing, Management and Custom Solutions (client product upsales, crosssales, deliverability, reviews…)
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Who & Why Uses Customer Success

Brands, ESPs, Agencies, Businesses Big & Small are serving their customers using CS SaaS.

I believe CS is the only SaaS that actually make us real money!  Highly Recommended!

Saul Rajsky

President, AmericanTall

CustomerSuccess is very important part of our promotional emails.  It allows us to service our customers better, very often we’re able to multiply order value.  Thumbs UP CustomerSuccess!

Amy Cohen

Founder, GroovyBlueberry

“We implement and recommend CS for every one of our clients.  It’s a value add to existing or new customer service efforts.  The feedback coming from email is invaluable.  Some clients are seeing deliverability improvement and ROI from email increase upwards of 40%”

Chris Drazek

Founder, CommonDenominator

Use Cases

Real customer success examples, crosssales, problem solving etc…

More and more customers expect instant gratification.  This in turn opens doors to revenue opportunities.  Whether it’s through cost savings related to product returns & exchanges, chance to obtain a positive review to good old fashioned customer satisfaction – make your customer happy using CustomerSuccess.

Turn every touchpoint into a ticket and don’t miss an opportunity to make your customer happy and increase your revenue.  Log, categorize, respond, analyze and learn.  Your email has the wealth of information and opportunities to do more and earn more.

Email is one of your most valuable channels.  Yet, many email streams are subject to ISP filtering, deliverability constraints.  There is so much you can do to improve you ROI from email.  By listening to your customers, you’ll be amazed at the solutions that present themselves.  And by carefully adjusting your email marketing based on the CustomerSuccess feedback, you’re now able to directly influence your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

… by customers like you.  Ask yours today!

What is the free trial offer?

CustomerSuccess if absolutely free for 14 days.  It’s available 24/7 so you can upgrade or downgrade our plan at any time afterwards.

Does it only work in email?

CustomerSuccess works on the web as well.  You can install the JS gadget on the website.  In email it connects live chat and reply management via custom footer and reply-to address.

How can we improve deliverability using CS?

Deliverability is greatly affected by your customer actions.  Statistics like complaints, functionalities of your unsubscribe, problems with your email stream frequency, creative etc… all directly influence the ISP filtering.  By seeing, categorizing, analyzing and acting on your customers feedback you’re able to fix a lot of these issues.  Your dedicated account manager is happy to assist this any any other problems.

What do I need to get started? How technical is it?

Customer Success will guide you step by step and is as simple as pasting a piece of code into your email or website.  Your dedicated account manager will customize everything you need for you and if necessary install entire Customer Success for you.

Does it deliver email like an ESP?

Customer Success integrates with your existing technologies.  Integrations with ESPs allows you to export data and route replies through your existing customer journeys

Would you like a demo?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to schedule a walk through.  You will love it!

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